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Spellbinding Desdemona

Last night, I watched the Los Angeles premiere of Desdemona at UCLA’s Freud Playhouse. It was absolutely captivating. I wanted to see the show because 1) it was written by Toni Morrison and 2) it is from the point of view of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s Othello. While I obviously expected it to be good, I was in for so […]

library day in the life 7.3

Or, An Easy, Breezy Day (Somewhat) Today was nothing like yesterday. I wasn’t tearing my hair out over some tough decisions I had to make, though there was some frustration over some painstaking work I did in the morning. In fact, most of the day was actually quite relaxed. And I definitely needed this kind […]

clark library

On September 22, 2008, I, along with a couple of UCLA librarians and reference desk assistants-in-training, went on a field trip to the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library. Though the Clark Library is one of many UCLA libraries, it really is a trek to get there since it is located 13 miles across town, near […]

ucla library tours

During ALA, there was a contingent of Southeast Asian librarians, many of whom were part of a Department of State program that enabled them to come to the US for a couple of months and visit several libraries. There was a group of Indonesian librarians–I’m not quite sure if they were also participating in the […]

first day

On Monday, June 2, 20008, I started my job at the UCLA Library. On the way to work, I took a few pictures of the Murphy Sculpture Garden, a five-acre outdoor area filled with over 70 sculptures by well-know artists. I actually didn’t take many pictures of the sculptures; I was too busy looking at […]

filipina librarians at ucla

For the past few decades, there has only been one Filipino librarian at UCLA. Her name is Eloisa Borah, and she is currently the Head of Public Services at the Rosenfeld Management Library. When she found out that I’d been hired, she was very excited and emailed me right away and welcomed me to UCLA. […]