The Burgess sisters arrive together. Tara and Lainie do a little bit of everything. Sometimes dancers, sometimes actresses. Once they were librarians, but that is a subject they will only discuss if heavily intoxicated. -Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus, p. 58 Why does there seem to be a lot of correlation between librarians and drinking? […]

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So you didn’t go to Internet Librarian? That’s Ok. The best thing about internet Librarian is that everyone is so… Internety. All of the awesome stuff that happened throughout the conference was digitally shared via all kinds of avenues. Instead of making you scour the interwebs for all of this…

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The last stop on loop two of the book tour was Charlotte, North Carolina, where the Women’s National Book Association held a Bibliofeast in honor of Book Month. I didn’t know much about the place before we got here, but Helen, a friend from…

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Everybody loves memes and those who work in or care about international development are no exception. One meme that popped up early 2010, is the oft-quoted “there are more mobile phones than toilets.” Apparently, the origin of the phrase was the India census. Subsequently, the statistic was used to raise…

This is my friend, Wendy Welch. She is a storyteller, cultural ethnographer, professor, bookstore owner, and author. She crochets, sings, plays the harp, and canes chairs. She is basically an all-around superwoman. History I met Wendy about 15 years ago, in grad school at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She was a year ahead of me […]

I am doing a weekend shift today, and I’m going through some circulars (lists of materials) from the Library of Congress CAPSEA (Cooperative Acquisition Program on Southeast Asia). I came across the following item from the Philippines circular: In the Philippines, people sometimes spell English words the way people actually pronounce them — a kind […]

Look who is featured on page 14 of the September 2012 issue of the ASLP (Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines) Newsletter. Early last month, I received a friend request on Facebook from Joseph Marmol Yap, current Vice-President (and President-Elect) of ASLP. I don’t often accept requests from strangers unless I have an idea […]

I love architecture, and I love libraries. CNN Go’s post on 7 of the coolest libraries in the world combines both. I’ve seen a few of these lists or albums going around. I’ve probably already seen this one before. Of the 7 on this list, I’ve only been to one: Trinity College Library in Dublin. […]

I travel a lot. I keep telling myself that I really should visit libraries more when I travel so I can blog about and show pictures of them. I almost always forget. Last week I was in St. Louis, Missouri, prior to attending the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color. I was traveling with a […]

Tomorrow, September 8, is International Literacy Day. Check out this infographic from the United Nations. I am not sure how they’re defining literacy. In a lot of cases, it’s defined as the ability to read and write. Sometimes, it’s tied to educational attainment. The former is probably the case here. I believe that literacy is […]