librarian’s love life?

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I am doing a weekend shift today, and I’m going through some circulars (lists of materials) from the Library of Congress CAPSEA (Cooperative Acquisition Program on Southeast Asia). I came across the following item from the Philippines circular:

In the Philippines, people sometimes spell English words the way people actually pronounce them — a kind of localization of the word. Though it could also be a way of making conscious fun of the way people pronounce these words. So, in this case, lab = love. Because the rest of the title is in Tagalog, it makes me think that this is the case. The title could then be translated as:

Lab life: mga kwento at karanasan ng librarian  =

Love life: stories and experiences of (the/a) librarian

However, if this book is indeed about librarians, it could just as well be that lab = lab, as in laboratory, and that the book is really a book about the regular experiences of a librarian. Though I wouldn’t mind reading about regular librarian stories, I have to say that I am more intrigued by the idea of this being about a librarian’s love life.

We all know about librarian fantasies, so it wouldn’t be that interesting if the book is about that. It is written by a man, so it is possible. But then again, I’m not sure what it would be about if it’s not about that. I mean, can one librarian’s love life fill a whole book? Wouldn’t a librarian’s love life be similar to other peoples’ and not really be his or her being a librarian? I am certainly curious as to what angle it would take.

But then again, maybe it is just about being a librarian. Whatever it is, this inquiring mind really wants to know!


Post script (written 10/7/2012): Well, it turns out that the title as it appeared on the circular had a typo. According to Joseph Marmol Yap, a librarian in the Philippines who just finished reading the book, it is supposed to be “Layb life: mga kwento at karanasan ng isang librarian,” not “Lab life…” In this case layb=lib, which is short for library. That makes much more sense. Joseph says that “the book is about different aspects of being a Filipino librarian. [It] tries to ask its readers…what type/kind of a librarian [they] are. [It] is a compilation of the “experiences” of the author in dealing with library users, applicants, staff and fellow librarians in the profession. His daily exposure to the profession :)” That’s not nearly as interesting as the idea of it being about a librarian’s love life, but Joseph seems to have really enjoyed it. There you go. Now, we know.



  1. It could be “love life,” as in love living, love being alive. So the stories could be about an adventurous librarian who has enjoyed living his life! But I agree, something about a librarian’s love life would be interesting to read!

    1. Hmm, another option indeed. Maybe I’ll have to get this book to find out, though I probably will have forgotten it once it comes in.

  2. Michael · · Reply

    Hello Miss Jade, I am Michael Pinto, the author of the book. Thank you for giving time to give your inquiry about my book. The reason why I wrote the title as it is is because I would like to give the readers a bit of “mind twirling” activity. I suppose you have to read it, Its not all about librarianship but its all about life- whether you are a librarian, a boss, an employee. Thanks to Joseph for the clarifications.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I got a mind-twirling from the mistaken title, as you can see in my post. Thank you for taking the time to respond and for giving additional info! Kudos to you on your new book!

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