cool libraries

I love architecture, and I love libraries. CNN Go’s post on 7 of the coolest libraries in the world combines both.

I’ve seen a few of these lists or albums going around. I’ve probably already seen this one before. Of the 7 on this list, I’ve only been to one: Trinity College Library in Dublin. I don’t think I even really got to enjoy it much because I got there around closing time. I’ve seen the outside of the Central Library in Seattle, but I didn’t get a chance to go in. Strange really, as I’ve been to Seattle quite a few times. I will have to make a better effort when I go there in January for the ALA Midwinter Meeting.

I also can’t believe I haven’t ever made it to the Geisel Library at UC San Diego, especially since we’re in the system. Again, I’ll have to make an effort to go there. I’m due to go to San Diego next month, and I also have a conference there next March. It’s funny how it’s named as one of the coolest libraries here and in other lists, but it is also included in lists of ugliest buildings. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I really would have liked to see what he would have come up with if Dr. Seuss himself designed this library, though.

I also haven’t seen the Bishan Library, though I recently visited the National Library Building in Singapore (and I think it’s pretty cool) and visited a regional library on a previous visit. I guess I’ll have to remember to check out the Bishan Library if I’m ever back in Singapore.

As for the other three, I haven’t been anywhere near them (though I was in Germany last year). I will have to add them to my list. I would especially like to visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (and Egypt!) some day.


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