Tomorrow, September 8, is International Literacy Day. Check out this infographic from the United Nations. I am not sure how they’re defining literacy. In a lot of cases, it’s defined as the ability to read and write. Sometimes, it’s tied to educational attainment. The former is probably the case here.

I believe that literacy is key to progress and success. But I personally think that literacy goes beyond basic reading and writing or achieving a certain level of education. I think that it should include understanding of the context and critical thinking and analysis of the text, including evaluation and interpretation. After all, what is the point of passive reading or rote writing?

Literacy also goes beyond the printed word. There is Internet literacy, media literacy, emotional literacy, and so on. Master most of these, and you should be set. But then again, if you’re really smart, you would know that there’s no such thing as mastering these–life is a continuous journey of learning.

            Literacy in the World
by UNRIC.Browse more infographics.

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