library deja vu

While at UVA, we took a campus tour, which included a stop at the Brown Science & Engineering Library in Clark Hall. I’m not sure why they chose that library to show us, but I think it may be because of the murals.

As soon as I saw those murals, I thought, hey, I’ve seen this before. Then it clicked. This is Clark Hall and I had just visited UCLA’s Clark Library the month before. When the librarian at the Clark Library was talking about the murals in the foyer, he had mentioned that Clark’s younger male companion was the model for the men in the murals. So, when I saw the murals in Clark Hall, particularly the one in the first picture above, that tidbit immediately came to me. Then, I vaguely remembered the librarian mentioning something about Clark and UVA, too. That was a bit of a coincidence to see these two places a month apart!

In addition to the Brown Library, I was able to visit the Small Special Collections Library, where I breezed through the exhibit on Declaring Independence and the display of the Poe Collection. I also quickly looked in the main entrance area of the Alderman Library, the research library. There’s a cafe in that area. I didn’t have time to go to the Clemons Library, the undergraduate library right next door, but I did take a picture.

I wish I had had more time to actually look around the libraries, but I was starving and I wanted to still make it to Skyline Drive before the sun set.


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