ucla library tours

During ALA, there was a contingent of Southeast Asian librarians, many of whom were part of a Department of State program that enabled them to come to the US for a couple of months and visit several libraries. There was a group of Indonesian librarians–I’m not quite sure if they were also participating in the aforementioned program–that presented on a panel about collaboration in collection development (on June 28, 2008). I had attended this panel, and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself to them. But I didn’t get a chance to on that day.

However, I figured that they would be at the IRRT International Librarians’ reception (June 30, 2008 at the MUZEO). I almost didn’t get to talk to them either because they were off in a corner watching videos. I was almost about to leave before I saw them. I still didn’t really get to talk to them much before they had to go. But I did find out that they were supposed to visit UCLA on July 3, 2008. So I quickly sent of emails to see if I could play host.

So, on the day of their visit, I accompanied them on most of their appointments. As a new librarian, I didn’t really mind because everything they were learning, I was also learning. Their itinerary included two tours: Powell Library and SRLF.

Powell Library or, more correctly, the College Library in the Powell Building is the undergraduate library. The building is one of the first two buildings on the Westwood campus. (The other is Royce Hall, and both serve as UCLA icons.) It is a beautiful building outside and inside. Here are a couple of exterior shots I took last December, when I was on campus for my job interview:

Inside, the architecture and design reflects Moorish influence. I took the following pictures (except for the first one) during the tour.

(Click here for more info about the building.)

SRLF, or the UC Southern Regional Library Facility, is the storage facility for the libraries of the five southern UC campuses. It is a nondescript building that rises only one-story above ground and against a hill–the storage is actually underground. Collections are stored in a high-density shelving in a climate-controlled environment. Here are a couple of pics:

I enjoyed the tours. Having these foreign librarians as guests was certainly a good opportunity for me to get also get the tours.


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