meet & greet

On Sunday, May 18, 2008, there was a Pre-ALA Annual Meet & Greet for Spectrum scholars, Emerging Leaders, and those interested in diversity issues. It was coordinated by Candice Mack, Young Adult Librarian at LA Public Library’s Encino-Tarzana Branch, and hosted by Dr. Clara Chu, Associate Professor at UCLA’s Department of Information Studies.

As I was a Spectrum scholar (2004), am a current Emerging Leader, and am interested in diversity issues, I thought I should attend. As I’m newly back to area and about to start a new job, I also thought it would be a chance to network. I almost didn’t go as I barely drive (I know, in LA!), but fortunately Sallie Riley of LA Public’s Watts Branch gave me a ride.

I met at least a dozen people, most of whom were/are affiliated with UCLA’s Department of Information Studies. There were former students who are now librarians in local public and academic libraries. There were students just finishing their first year and those who are graduating at the end of this quarter. There were also a couple of entering students.

While there wasn’t enough time to get to know people, the meet & greet gave me a bit of an introduction to the library scene in the area and, of course, gave me new contacts. I look forward to meeting these folks again in the future…


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