Though I haven’t been writing about it, I have been slowly been accomplishing or putting into motion or thinking about the items on my 50 things list. Now, I’m finally motivated enough to write a post. Since the beginning of September, I’ve been working on #32: reread Harry Potter books. I’d read Harry Potter and […]

National Diversity in Libraries Conference August 10-13, 2016 ♦ UCLA CALL FOR PROPOSALS Deadline: November 30, 2015 The National Diversity in Libraries Conference (NDLC ’16), co-sponsored by the UCLA Library and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), will take place on the UCLA campus on August 10-13, 2016. The NDLC ’16 Program Committee invites you to […]

Last night, I watched the Los Angeles premiere of Desdemona at UCLA’s Freud Playhouse. It was absolutely captivating. I wanted to see the show because 1) it was written by Toni Morrison and 2) it is from the point of view of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s Othello. While I obviously expected it to be good, I was in for so […]

In mid-September, I found out about the Book to Art Club, whose goal is “to find hands-on, creative ways to engage with literature – where the process of art-making is more important than the product!” I love reading and I like to craft, but I don’t have enough time for either. (Sad, really, about the […]

At this year’s ALA Annual Conference, I purchased this tiny (approx. 2.5″ x 4″) original doodle by Janet K. Lee. I like Wonder Woman, and it’s cute. But I also bought it for another reason — it reminds me of another small (approx. 1.75″ x 5″) piece of artwork by giosdesk that I bought at a zine/small […]

Originally posted on Southeast Asia Library Group (SEALG):
Auguste Pavie (1847—1925) was the French explorer and diplomat, who is best known for his explorations of the Upper Mekong Valley and for playing a major role in bringing the kingdoms of Laos under French control. Pavie went to Cochinchina (now part of southern Vietnam) as a…

In May of last year, I went on an acquisitions trip to Southeast Asia. I got a couple of presents while on this trip, including this pair of wayang  (puppet). One of them broke in all my schlepping around after I received them, and I only finally fixed it today. Aren’t they pretty? These were […]

I’m hopeless. Or maybe I’m just incredibly hopeful. Contrary to popular belief, librarians do not get paid to sit around and read (I wish that was the case!). Many of us are actually too busy to even have time to read. That is certainly the case for me. Over the holidays, I checked out quite […]

A week ago today, the morning of January 28, the American Library Association announced its 2013 youth media award winners. I attended the announcement — that was the first time that I had ever been there in person. Later that day, I went to a working meeting/ dimsum with the APALA Finance and Fundraising Committee. […]

Over the past week, the UCLA’s Charles E. Young Research Library (YRL) has been featuring “scary” books from its special collections on its Facebook page. I think that is a fantastic idea, a great way of showcasing some of our fabulous materials. Oliver Mattheusens, a library assistant in my department, has certainly been enjoying himself […]